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Oil Change/Analysis

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OK peeps... I just got my 2nd FREE oil change and had sample pulled to send to Blackstone Labs. I was at 21% according to Onstar/Dealer. I am having a full panel of tests run including TAN (Total Acid Number) & TBN (Total Base Number). TAN shows how acidic your oil is and TBN shows what is left of the additive package (Oil Life - 21%?).

As a side note... I got 2015 ATS 2.0T as a loaner. It was a clone of my car except the color.
1. I will keep my 2014 as my butt dyno said it was a dud.
It felt like it was de-tuned.
87 octane versus 93 octane?
2. The radio didn't display the song title or artist like my 14... Menu option?
3. Didn't like the new grill.
4. I also didn't like the Cadillac badges without the wreath. Some how it looked like a Chevrolet or Buick badge.
5. Lastly the steering felt heavy. I ran it in Tour and Sport mode.
6. It did have lock/unlock buttons on the door handles which I like.
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I recently purchased a 2013 Cadillac ATS 3.6L Premium with 2196 miles on it. Original owner was an older man who purchased it in December 2013 and passed away in October 2014. He didn't drive it often thus no oil change nor service nor recalls were completed. I couldn't get into the dealer for a few weeks after purchase so I chose to change the oil myself as I didn't want to drive it around with the initial oil from the factory. I swapped the filter out with a stock AC Delco/GM (PF2130) filter andswitched to Mobile 1 Dexos Synthetic (5W30). I guess I'm wondering, am I OK?
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