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Oil Change/Analysis

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OK peeps... I just got my 2nd FREE oil change and had sample pulled to send to Blackstone Labs. I was at 21% according to Onstar/Dealer. I am having a full panel of tests run including TAN (Total Acid Number) & TBN (Total Base Number). TAN shows how acidic your oil is and TBN shows what is left of the additive package (Oil Life - 21%?).

As a side note... I got 2015 ATS 2.0T as a loaner. It was a clone of my car except the color.
1. I will keep my 2014 as my butt dyno said it was a dud.
It felt like it was de-tuned.
87 octane versus 93 octane?
2. The radio didn't display the song title or artist like my 14... Menu option?
3. Didn't like the new grill.
4. I also didn't like the Cadillac badges without the wreath. Some how it looked like a Chevrolet or Buick badge.
5. Lastly the steering felt heavy. I ran it in Tour and Sport mode.
6. It did have lock/unlock buttons on the door handles which I like.
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Didn't realize that Dextros wasn't pure synthetic. How does it differ from Mobil 1?

Being retired, I'm not a high mileage guy (less than 5K/yr) , so with my 2002 325i (traded for '13 ATS Lux) and 2005 Z4 I changed my oil (and filter) annually with Mobil 1. And, as far as I can tell (no analysis), the 325 at 65K miles and the Z4 at 40K miles, have always been running perfectly with no indications of oil related problems.
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