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Official EXT bed tent kit information and alternatives, where to buy, etc

Hey guys,

I've seen a lot of threads with some good information but a lot with some completely wrong information on the tents for the EXTs. I thought maybe I would provide all of the information I've gathered here to help out:

There are two official GM part numbers for the tent kit:
12499158 - this one has the Cadillac logo on it
12499157 - this one has the Chevy bowtie logo on it

However, both of these ARE discontinued. I unfortunately had one of the nylon lines rip out of my tent last month (my fault) so I sought out a replacement- I found ONE dealer in North Carolina that had one of the Cadillac logo tents (my local dealer helped me track it down) and being as they are discontinued you cannot order them. So you're odds of actually getting a GM branded one are low.

HOWEVER, the tent is now available unbranded from Napier Sportz part number 99949:

$260 shipped is about the going price (GM was $225 but then add $35 for shipping and it's the same)

Understand that this is a very unique tent versus other "truck tents" as it seals around your roof and allows access to the inside of the cab from the bed giving you a very large interior space and it feels awesome having that much room! Of course unique to this tent is you can remote start the AC/heat and get some climate control going and obviously if you have a rear DVD player I don't need to explain the benefits of that one :cool:

The tent is overall very easy to setup and once tightened down correctly is water tight, I've had this thing in a rain storm and didn't get a drop in the truck (just don't touch the tent while it's raining, but this is true of any tent- you'll pull water through it).

A normal queen sized air mattress fits fine in the bed as long as you inflate it in the bed. The awning is nice if you're at the beach or somewhere warm for a little shade while you're sitting on the tailgate.
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