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Obscure Part Request

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I'm desperate! Long story short, I need a screw that holds the dash on.

This is the screw located at the outside edge, in this case, the driver's side. It's a finished top kind of screw, very specific to this location. To be absolutely clear, it's at the end that butts up against the door panel when the door is closed. There is one screw that goes in that end and it's unlike any screw elsewhere in the vehicle (I think). If anyone has a spare or is parting out a car, I'd love to make some kind of deal, assuming it's a cheap screw. I'm all about cheap screws.:shhh:

Thanks! Sorry to post it here but I thought I'd have the best chance of receiving a reply...

Happy Holidays! Or not, depending on your belief system(s).
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Best bet is to get one at a junk yard. That's where I would look.
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