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Hey guys. I had a Pioneer AVH-P8400 double din installed about two weeks ago. It has worked flawlessly up until two nights ago when my iPod cut out and the most ridiculous deafening noises started coming through all of my speakers. It is a loud, screeching, scratching, static-y noise that goes non stop until I shut the car off. The next day the deck once again worked perfectly fine on my way to work but started up again last night when myself and my girlfriend were heading out. Good thing I was still in the neighborhood so I turned right around and parked it.

I pulled the AUDIO fuse from the fuse box underneath the rear seat in hopes that it would at least cut the power to the HU and allow me to drive my car in peace, but as soon as I turned the key to the on position, a high pitched screeching noise started coming from my front drivers side speaker. A few separate times after I had turned the car off, the factory sub would beat a few times. Could it be the factory amp going bad?

I am having my buddy that did the install come check it out today after work but we are both completely stumped as to what could be causing this (HU, module, loose wiring, amp). Has anyone else ever heard of anything like this? Any info or ideas are greatly appreciated, as my car is undriveable at the moment.

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