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I have a 6.0L I pulled from a 2003 Escalade to swap into my Jeep. I sent the harness and computer to 150 tunes to trim the harness and tune the computer. The motor runs fine, but I have a CEL and want to check codes in addition to getting live data. However, I cannot get my scanner to connect to the ECU.

Here is what I have tried and checked.
  • 4 different scanners, all verified to work on other vehicles, but none will connect to my ECU.
  • All scanners power up.
  • I have no coins in my cigarette lighter port.
  • I have power to pin 16, pins 4&5 are both ground, and OBD2 pin2 is wired to the ECU pin58 on the blue connector.
  • I have tried unplugging individual sensors one at a time and all of them at once.
  • The guy who tuned it has been more defensive than helpful.
  • ECU Pin 59 (class two serial data) on the blue connector was cut and incorrectly labeled as the fan relay ground by the tuner/harness guy. I have since re-pinned it to Blue 42 and believe I have the fan relay ground working.

  1. What OBD2 protocol does a 2003 Escalade use?
  2. What wires go to a unmolested OBD2 port for these vehicles?
  3. Where does the wire on Pin 59 of the blue ECU connector go? (Class two serial data as per
  4. If anyone had a FSM, specifically wring diagrams, that would be very helpful.

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I'm curious how much response you will get here.
Not many people really get into the inner workings of their Escalade.
I would be checking out LS1TECH. They have a pretty extensive forum.
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