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Obd p0345 & p0346

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Any ideas in how to track down what is causing these two codes? Truck seems way down on performance and bogs when I step on the gas pedal hard.
Also, which side is bank 2?

P0345 - Camshaft Position Sensor "A" Circuit (Bank 2 )
P0346 - Camshaft Position Sensor "A" Circuit
Range/Performance (Bank 2 )

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If your vehicle is relatively new and less than 100,000 miles, your timing chains are stretched and should be replaced under warranty by the dealer as soon as possible. It is a known defect and subject to a technical service bulletin affecting a specify range of manufacturing dates. Good luck.
I had the same and purchased all four (they are identical) cam position sensors, replaced them and was fine, from beginning I suspected the sensors first. They are cheap and could be easily exchanged DIY. As with bulbs, it is always a good idea to replace the entire set instead of one after another as they tend to die relatively timely. After three full warm-up cycles the MIL lamp goes off and you are fine. I do NOT suspect timing chain. However in a first step, mark your sensors and swap positions to pinpoint the problem.
seems stupid, but check the oil. My engine was dogging, threw a cam senor code,and was over two quarts low on oil.
I take it these are the 4 sensors on the front of the engine (I've read they were on the back). Two on each side right in front of the cam covers.
Yeah, right: they are in front, visible once engine cover is removed. By the way, these senors start dying slowly, at the beginning of death they fail intermittently only...
The other day I swapped all four sensors Left to Right. I also wiped them off before reinstalling. Once I did that the light went off and the SRX has been running great ever since. I believe like was also stated in this thread that they die slowly and this is probably only temporary. So far I have put about 300 miles on her and still good. I have a couple of cars I can drive in the summer so I'll just wait and see what happens.

Thanks for the help.
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