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OBD I codes for 4.x Engines

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To retrieve the codes, Turn the ignition on. Press both OFF and WARMER on the climate control at the same time until the segment check displays. The codes will now be displayed. When the codes are finished displaying, the display will show .7.0 Press OFF and HI to clear ECM codes, or OFF and LO to clear BCM codes. Press AUTO to exit (twice on Eldorados) or turn the ignition off.

Common Codes For OBD I 4.x Engines

E12 - No Distributor Signal
E13 - Oxygen Sensor Not Ready
E14 - Shorted Coolant Temp. Sensor
E15 - Open Coolant Temp. Sensor
E16 - Generator Voltage Out Of Range
E17 - Shorted Crank Signal Circuit
E18 - Open Crank Signal Circut
E19 - Shorted Fuel Pump Feedback Signal
E20 - Open Fuel Pump Circut Feedback Signal
E21 - Shorted TPS Signal
E22 - Open TPS Signal
E23 - EST Signal Problem
E24 - VSS Signal Problem
E25 - EST Circut Problem in Bypass Mode
E26 - Shorted Throttle Switch Signal
E27 - Open Throttle Switch Signal
E28 - Open Third Or Fourth Gear Circut
E29 - Shorted Fourth Gear Circut
E30 - ISC RPM Out Of Range
E31 - Shorted MAP Sensor Signal
E32 - Open MAP Sensor Signal
E33 - MAP/BARO Sensor Correlation
E34 - MAP Sensor Signal Out Of Range
E35 - Shorted BARO Sensor Circut
E36 - Open BARO Sensor Circut
E37 - Shorted MAT Sensor Signal
E38 - Open MAT Sensor Signal
E39 - VCC Engagement Problem
E40 - Open Power Steering Pressure Switch Signal
E41 - Cam Sensor Signal Problem
E42 - EST Circut Open
E43 - ESC Circut Problem
E44 - Oxygen Sensor Signal Lean
E45 - Oxygen Sensor Signal Rich
E46 - Right to left bank fueling difference (Thanks HUF!)
E47 - BCM-PCM Data Problem
E48 - EGR System Problem
E49 - A.I.R. Control Problem
E51 - ECM PROM Error
E52 - PCM Memory Reset (See Note)
E53 - Distributor Signal Interrupt
E55 - Closed Throttle Angle Out Of Range
E58 - PASS-Key Control Problem
E59 - VCC Temperature Sensor Circut Problem
E60 - Cruise- Transaxle Not In Drive
E61 - Cruise Vent Solenoid Problem
E62 - Cruise Vacuum Solenoid Problem
E63 - Cruise Set vs. Vehicle Speed Too High
E64 - Cruise- Vehicle Acceleration Too High
E65 - Cruise Servo Position Sensor Signal Problem
E66 - Cruise- Engine RPM Too High
E67 - Cruise Set/Coast or Resume/Accel Switch Shorted
E68 - Cruise Command Problem
E70 - Intermittent TPS Signal
E71 - Intermittent MAP Sensor Signal
E73 - Intermittent Coolant Temp. Sensor Signal
E74 - Intermittent MAT Sensor Signal
E75 - Intermittent VSS Sensor Signal
E80 - Fuel System Rich
E85 - Idle Throttle Angle Too High
E90 - VCC Brake Switch Signal Problem
E91 - PRNDL Switch Problem
E92 - Heated Windshield Request Problem
E96 - Torque Convertor Overstress
E97 - P/N to D/R at High Throttle Angle
E98 - High RPM P/N to D/R in ISC Range
E99 - Cruise Servo Apply Problem

BCM Codes*************

F10 - Outside Air Temperature Sensor Circuit
F11 - A/C High Side Temperature Sensor Circuit
F12 - A/C Low Side Temperature Sensor Circuit
F13 - In-Car Temperature Sensor Circuit
F14 - Diesel Coolant Sensor Circut
F15 - Solar Sensor Circuit Failure
F19 - Blower Motor Failure
F30 - Display Panels to BCM Data Problem
F31 - Display Panels to BCM Data Problem
F32 - BCM-ECM Data Problem
F40 - Air Mix Door Problem
F41 - Cooling Fans Problem
F46 - Low Refrigerant Charge
F47 - Low Refrigerant Charge
F48 - Refrigerant System Problem
F49 - High Temperature Clutch Disengage
F50 - Coolant Temp. too High
F51 - BCM PROM Error Indicator

Additional Eldorado/Seville BCM codes:

B110 - Outside Temperature Sensor Circuit
B111 - A/C High Side Temperature Sensor Circuit
B112 - A/C Low Side Temperature Sensor Circuit
B113 - In Car Temperature Sensor Circuit
B115 - Sunload Sensor Circuit
B119 - Twilight Photocell Circuit
B120 - Twilight Delay Pot Circuit
B120 / B122 - Twilight Delay & Panel Dimming
B121 - Twilight Enable Switch Circuit
B122 - Panel Dimming Switch Pot Circuit
B123 - Courtesy Lamps Panel Switch Circuit
B333 - Loss of SIR Data
B334 - Loss of ECM Serial Data
B335 - Loss of CCDIC Data
B336 - Loss of IPC Serial Data
B337 - Loss of HVAC Programmer Data
B339 - Ride Control Serial Communication Failure (Thanks hcaddy95!)
B409 - Charging System Failure (Thanks hcaddy95!)
B410 - Charging System Circuit
B411 or B412 - Battery Voltage Too High or Too Low
B420 - Relay Circuits
B421 - BCM Output Driver Failure (2) (Thanks hcaddy95!)
B440 - Air Mix Valve (Door) Circuit Problem
B441 - Cooling Fans Problem (Thanks hcaddy95!)
B446 / B447 - Low Refrigerant Pressure
B448 - Low Refrigerant Pressure
B449 - High Side Temperature Too High
B450 - Coolant Temperature Too High
B480 - Loss of ABS/TCS Communication (ABS System) (Thanks hcaddy95!)
B481.. ABS (fault) (Thanks hcaddy95!)
B483.. ABS/TCS Disabled (Thanks hcaddy95!)
B552 - Keep Alive Memory Error
B556 - Odometer (EE) PROM Error
L110 - LSP Communication Faliure (Allante) (Thanks hcaddy95!)
L441 - Lighting System Low Voltage Warning (Allante) (Thanks hcaddy95!)

Help is appreciated, If you see a code not listed here, PM me with the information on it. I want to include the additional Eldo/Seville codes at some point as well.
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