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Now that I have a V...

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Things I'd like to do to it within the first 24 hours, before I even drive it back home; was wondering if ya'll could give me some advice. Point me in the direction of the right product, one you recommend or suggest, and/or give me any other pointers :)

1) Clear Bra.
Since i'm going to be driving ~1500+ miles back from Connecticut (yeah I don't want to ship it. It's a very low miles car, and I want to spend those 1500 or so miles to bond with the car, over the course of a few days :) :):)). However, I know how badly long highway drives can potentially hurt a car. I'd like to get a bra (3M made good ones back a few years ago, last time i needed one for another car, are they still suggested/recommended?). How much time would be involved in installing it, and where should I get it from? How much should I expect to pay?

2) Blacked out tail lights.
I swear, there are very, very few cars out there that look better than a CTS-V with blacked out taillights. I'd like to do something like that. I'm assuming they're just tint you get on the taillights, or a plastic covering? As with the previous, where would I get this from, how much should I expect to pay, etc.

2b) Blacked out front signal/fog lights. Another thing I think that looks awesome.

3) V floor mats.
This isn't as important as the first two. I'd like some floor mats (front and back) with the V-logo, to match the 'ebony' carpet and interior. Not critical by any means, but I think it'd be a nice touch :)

4) Skip shift eliminator.
This I need to do within the first few days, because while I know it won't make any difference highway speeds, I always hated this feature in city driving. I know there are a couple of solutions out there. Which do you suggest? I don't want to void my factory warranty (or even risk voiding it), so if there's something out there that won't affect the warranty, yet will still be affective, I'm all ears :)

5) Short throw shifter.
Probably the only complaint I have about the V is the long, 'sloppy' shifts. I know there are definately ways to fix that, which is why I got one anyways :) But what would you suggest? Again, something that wouldn't affect the warranty, and that would look stock from outside too. I have to say, I actually like the shifter knob :)

6) Future project: Forced induction
I know a lot of you here are supercharged, be it by magna, or whoever else, but probably the most effective thing I've ever seen was my friend's twin turbo 2005 GTO (LS2). The thing's doing an easy 600HP, and pulls harder than anything I've ever been on. He eats SRT-8s, Corvettes, and, sadly, CTS-Vs for breakfast. I'd love a supercharged CTS-V, but I'd be more thrilled with a twin turbo'd V :) Now i've contacted GenII, and they said they have no plans to develop a kit for the CTS-V, because it's too hard to fit two turbos in it... not quite as easy as just relocating the battery, as it was on the GTO. Is there anyone here who's tried this project, or is interested in trying it, or knows anything about twin turbos for a V?

7) Future project (soon though): iPod hookup
I've seen a dozen and a half methods, but I really like the ones where you can control the iPod from the iPod itself. Without using playlists, it's a lot easier to control the ipod (and i prefer it) from the ipod itself... you can scroll through songs a lot quicker on the ipod than from any headunit/steering wheel controls. Also it comes in handy when you've got passengers in the car that want to be the "DJ". Just hand the ipod to them, and whatever song they play, comes through the speakers. I know that it's pretty easy to just hook up to the aux port, or something like that, but i'd like it to be able to charge the ipod at the same time, instead of just running off its batteries. (like a one-cable plugin that both charges it and hooks it up to the head unit at the same time). Whether artist/track info shows on the V's display or not isn't too important, although preferably i'd like it to show :)
whatever solutions are out there...
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which one did you end up getting>? heres a pic of mine with just the rverse and 3rd brake light tinted. I used vht's taillight smoke stuff


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Here:s my thoughts:
Clear bra--a must!!
Blacked-out lights all around--a must--see pics!!
Skip shift & short throw shifter--a must!! I went with B&M, Many guys say the B&M is too notchy and is noisy. I like the notchiness and the noise on mine went away after about 1 month of use--I love it!
Forced induction--highly recommended. Don't waste your time trying to make turbo's happen. This car is made for "The Maggie" and she works great. Just beware that after a month or so of Maggie driving you may want to give her a "shot" of that nitrous stuff :thumbsup:
Other recommendations:
cross drilled rotors with chrome stock wheels (or the GM accessory wheels) along with Hawk HPS low-dust brake pads
Bigger tires (255/40 up front and 275/40 rear)
exhaust--Corsa or Magnaflow. I also have Kooks headers w/ high flow cats
etc, etc, etc


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cholka, where do i get those taillight and reverse light covers from?!

i'm kinda hesitant about using spray-on :-/
which V did you end up getting??? who won the prize lol? they arent covers, he paid around 3-500 dollars to get that done. Its a dipping solution tint done by a professional.
I win Iwin. "I've got the golden ticket!"
cholka, where do i get those taillight and reverse light covers from?!

i'm kinda hesitant about using spray-on :-/
cholka's taillights are painted. We did them here at Big 3

Mystical, please let me know what clear bra you will use. How much, who installed, and your thoughts.
Thanks, SoulRebel, CADCTSV, CA 95054
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