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Welcome! Thank you for signing up. :) This message will probably grow somewhat in time - but for now I just want you to be aware of one thing.. Private Messaging must be activated by you in your user control panel. Until you activate it, you wont have the ability to send or receive private messages. If you have any questions, leave me a private message. :D Just kidding... But really.. If you need help, just ask. My email address is: [email protected].

01.05.03 addition:
Just to make sure everyone knows... You can have up to 20 private messages stored in your private message area. I'd like everyone to do their best to keep their mailboxes clean. This is one of the things that goes wrong with many of these types of sites. Once you get too many, the system starts slowing down. You have two mail boxes: Inbox and Sent box.. Clean them both out occasionally. Okay? If you don't, your mail box will be too full to receive any new private messages.

01.12.03 addition:
Be sure to choose the option to browse the board WITH cookies in your profile.. If you don't, you may not be able to post. If you're having trouble, click on the "user cp" button up above, then click on the "Edit Options" link on the following screen.. It's the third question.. Just answer "yes". There's no reason not to...

01.31.03 addition:
Has anyone noticed the "calendar" button on top? It automatically shows our birthdays automatically. Would anyone be interested in posting up Cadillac Events? Cadillac car shows, something about Cadillac on television, today in Cadillac history, etc..

02.19.03 addition:
You may not have realized that the "Thread", "Thread Starter", "Replies", "Views", "Rating", and "Last Post" headers at the top of each forum are selectable so that you can sort the threads by that feature (in forward or reverse order). This is especially helpful in the "Classified" Forum since we're using the "FS:", "WTB:", and "DH:" indicators - you can hit the "Thread" header and the threads will be sorted by indicators (alphabetically).

Sorting the threads in all the forums can be helpful when looking for something, so keep it in mind as you navigate This is also a good reason to start using the rating system for threads you find particularly good (or particularly bad). Sorting a forum to read the highest rated threads first could be a good way to catch up if you're new. Or, sorting by view counts or reply counts will show you where the "action" has been.

02.25.03 addition:
If you ever run into a problem where your Private Message mail box is full - even though you've deleted all the messages in your inbox - check your "Sent" box. There's a drop-down menu toward the top right of the screen. Select the option to go to your 'sent'' messages and delete them. You'll be all set from there...

Thank you


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