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Not Sure What Engine I have

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I just a 1984 Coupe Deville that sat for 6 years, the previous owner passed away but the car was sold by the son in law. Anyways he said the engine had blown a head gasket(typical) He said it was replaced in 99? With a Northstar? Well anyways I got a new battery and it started up fine. I gave it an oil change, flushed the radioator. It did seem to shake a little while I was doing the flushes, but it seems to be getting better. I was wondering how can I tell if it was replaced or what engine i have. Or to tell if i have a blown gasket
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If you have an '84 Deville, then the engine was replaced with another 4.1 liter. No way someone swapped a Northstar in there...
Is this a FWD c-Body car, or a RWD full size coupe? The smaller FWD cars were introduced during the '84 model year, but they were titled as '85s. If it's a full size model, I think the '84 only came with a longitudinal 4100 or a 5.7 diesel. If it has chrome or finned aluminum valve covers, it's probably an OEM (junkyard) replacement. If the covers are plain black, it's an upgraded GM replacement.

Don't to flush the cooling system with any chemical product - and USE THE GM SEALER pellets. If you have a blown headgasket, the oil on the dipstick will look like a lumpy milkshake.
The oil residue under the oil filler cap will show signs of coolant leakage sooner than the dip stick. Monitor the oil fill cap every day. If the color is light chocolate brown then theres a leak. The intake gaskets were more prone to failure than head gaskets. They would corrode away where the coolant crosses over from one head to the other. As prior poster says, install the sealant pellets mentioned on the white decall in front of the radiator, assuming no leak is found. Coolant MUST be change every 24 months without fail and sealant replenished! A Northstar has no distributor whereas a 4100 does!
it's a RWD.the covers are black,but not flat. they have "raised lines". The oil looks fine also.
Sounds like HT4100 with aluminum covers. Usually there is a HT4100 sticker on the air filter cover.

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