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Not Farewell, Just Until Next Time

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Hello dear CTS friends,

I first wanted to say thank you all for all the help you have provided me over the years. I first got this car and literally knew nothing about cars but thanks to your mentoring I now can change my own oil and filters and know a lot more about the car functionality in general. Also fun was all the banter in the Misc thread, everything from whiskey to marriage to women.

However, all good things must end. I have sold the CTS, as a combination of both myself and my wife becoming remote workers (no longer needing two cars) and to reduce costs on insurance, registration, and maintenance. The CTS was running great, but it has worse gas mileage than the other car, was older than the other car, statistically it was going to run into a lot more problems given it's age, and with the GMEPP ending in March and used car prices dropping like a rock, the writing was on the wall.

I must say, while I love most things GM, I hate the resale value. I was only able to get $6,000 for it. I did shop around and that was it.

We currently have no plans to buy a new car anytime soon (car prices are still crazy) so I hope that this is not a goodbye but a "until next time" kind of farewell. Hoepfully we can get another Caddy when the time comes, but the wife has an affinity for German ... so we shall see.

I leave you guys with the final stats of the vehicle. Partially because I expected to keep the car much longer, I probably spent a bit more than I would of on maintenance (if I knew I would sell now, I probably would not have done any of the maintenance past 100k like the spark plugs, ATF, etc), leading to higher than expected monthly cost. I was unable to meet my goals of 15+ years and 200,000 + miles on this car.

2013 Cadillac CTS 3.0 Luxury Sedan.
120,584 miles

Purchase Price: $28,327.10 (Dec 2013)
Total Costs Incurred (Repair and Maintenance): $5,776.49
Total Price: $34,103.59
Sell Price: $6,000.00

Net Cost: $28,103.59
Time Driven: 9.1 Years

Cost per year: $3,100.91
Cost per month: $258.41
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Enjoyed the ride, Bob. Until then, my friend.
You will be missed Bob. Although you don't have to leave...
If they haven't kicked me out yet, Bob, you most definitely can stay!
And you wondered why we drove wagons, lol.
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Hey, I can fit several in my coupe. That's why I like chainsaws!!
Yeah, those Milwaukee battery powered chain saws work anywhere and are pretty quiet!
As far as gas powered saws it's Stikl hands down. Some branches here/there a battery powered one is great. Get the humongous battery for it.
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