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1) The engine-bellhousing bolts are hard to see. They are below the coolant crossover.

2) The torque converter splash shield is fairly well hidden by the oil-pan-to-transmission brace. You will need to remove the brace to get the splash shield off.

3) I don't know if the engine cradles are the same for both vehicles (not familiar with the Deville). If they are and the trans/cradle hasn't sustained collision damage, I would suggest swapping the entire powertrain out the bottom. If the cradles are not the same, you may also want to consider swapping the powertrains - just switching the cradles as you go along. Even with the powertrain out of the car, it's still tricky and a lot of work to separate the engine & trans.

Good Luck.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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