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1. The 1995 factory service manusl shows the same deminsions for the powertrain cradles/(Eldorado-Seville-Deville) So they are probably the same. However it does show different parts for the cradle mounting bushing/insulators.

2. The engines can be removed from the top but overall it is much easier to remove and install the powertrain/cradle from the bottom. You Should not do this without a factory service manual. There are many steps involved and must be done in the correct sequence. Otherwise you end up redoing steps and/or breaking parts.

3. I just compleated this process with my 95 STS. Took the engine out the top. Looked like very difficult situation to install from the top so I pulled the PT/cradle from the bottom, joined the new engine to the transaxle/cradle (still fairly difficult because of space limitations between the engine oil pan and cradle) and back in from the bottom.
4 Hope this helps. Let me know if you need futher info on this swap.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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