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Northstar Pull Question

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Hello, this seems to be a good site with lots of knowledgable people. Hopefully you all can help me.

I have been looking for a good site that shows how to remove a Northstar motor and so far have not been able to find anything. In the meanwhile, my Alldata program is not showing much detail into removal instructions at all. I have two 1994 Northstar motors, one in a wrecked DeVille and one in an Eldorado. I am trying to swap the motors, but have run into a few problems. Most notably, I have not been able to locate the torque converter splash shield to loosen the bolts going to the flywheel. Also, I am unsure as to how many bolts actually bolt the transmission to the motor itself.

If there is anyone out there that has the expertise to help me please let me know. Thanks to all.
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There are only 2 ways to pull the motors:
1. seperate from the transaxle through the top.
2. together with the transaxle from the bottom by dropping the cradle.
The torque converter splash shield is a tiny little one at 6:00 position. Remove it and then the (4) converter to flywheel bolts.
There's (4) bellhousing bolts all visible from the top.
1) The engine-bellhousing bolts are hard to see. They are below the coolant crossover.

2) The torque converter splash shield is fairly well hidden by the oil-pan-to-transmission brace. You will need to remove the brace to get the splash shield off.

3) I don't know if the engine cradles are the same for both vehicles (not familiar with the Deville). If they are and the trans/cradle hasn't sustained collision damage, I would suggest swapping the entire powertrain out the bottom. If the cradles are not the same, you may also want to consider swapping the powertrains - just switching the cradles as you go along. Even with the powertrain out of the car, it's still tricky and a lot of work to separate the engine & trans.

Good Luck.
Don't have a clue if they are interchangable but that WOULD be the easy way. You could probably get some input from the local junkyard. They have interchange catalogs that will tell you if the cradle, transaxle, etc are interchangable. I would think it's worth a phone call.
1. The 1995 factory service manusl shows the same deminsions for the powertrain cradles/(Eldorado-Seville-Deville) So they are probably the same. However it does show different parts for the cradle mounting bushing/insulators.

2. The engines can be removed from the top but overall it is much easier to remove and install the powertrain/cradle from the bottom. You Should not do this without a factory service manual. There are many steps involved and must be done in the correct sequence. Otherwise you end up redoing steps and/or breaking parts.

3. I just compleated this process with my 95 STS. Took the engine out the top. Looked like very difficult situation to install from the top so I pulled the PT/cradle from the bottom, joined the new engine to the transaxle/cradle (still fairly difficult because of space limitations between the engine oil pan and cradle) and back in from the bottom.
4 Hope this helps. Let me know if you need futher info on this swap.

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