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Has anyone ever had a head gasket job done in Massachusetts? I’m looking for a mechanic that will do it right the first time and for a reasonable price, (if there is such a thing).

I have a 99 STS with 120k miles on it and I seem to be losing coolant every 2k miles or so and the car has been running hot at times. If I downshift into 3rd and rev the engine a little the temp will return to normal. There are no visible leaks and I had the water pump and belt replaced 1 ½ years ago, or about 15K miles.

I know I can buy the test kit for exhaust gases but I’d rather find a person that can to the cylinder leak-down test to make sure it’s properly diagnosed.

So can anyone recommend a good Northstar mechanic in the Massachusetts, Southern NH, or RI area?

Thanks, Chuck
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