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Maybe Congressman Barney Frank would be more apt to leave GM alone if he knew we were repairing their motors with studs . . .

But seriously STSj90, Sub, Hogg, and countless others on this forum have either read extensively about the repairs that 97Eldo has done, and the time he has put in to perfecting his methodology. I'm not much of a techie - at least not with N* engines, but I've seen and assisted in tearing apart motors out of John Deeres, an old 3.1 V6 out of an Oldsmobile Cutlass, and dozens of smaller 1-cylinder 4-strokes out of regs lawnmowers - but I think that we all see that 97Eldo is clearly on to something. Heck, when he first posted a pic of one of his engine blocks with the studs installed, I swore I heard a hundred palms slap a hundred foreheads, and a hundred voices crying out "Why didn't we think of that sooner?!?"

Several forum members have also had their heads done with his methods and his stud kit, with rave reviews all, so I would bank that he knows what he's doing. One of the guys who weighed in also tunes and does crazy stuff to his cars (AJ), and he used to give his props to Norms inserts. He seemed quite impressed with the stud kits. Asked a few questions, got them all answered, and figured they'd work better than anything else out there.

Plus, with the engine out of the car, I think any other possible problems could be immediately diagnosed. Although I seem to recall Eldo saying he could do them in the car under some circumstances - I don't remember and I'm too lazy to look.
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