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noobQ: jack recommendations

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I'm finally looking to take my first steps down the road of getting some car grime under my fingernails. After seeing the recent thread on DIY hub painting, I'm going to man-up and give it a shot.

But, I'm a car-mod-virgin :yup: - I don't even have a jack and I have squat for tools other than the usual home stuff. So, as a total green noob, I'm looking for recommendations on what to get or what to steer clear of. Any other "oh, you'll want one of these..." tips would be greatly appreciated too.

I'm only looking to visit the first level of mod Hades, but I expect once I start taking things apart, it's going to be the beginning of a long descent... give it about 2 weeks and I'll be asking how to change the oil :bonkers:

(ps I let my membership expire a month or so ago, but couldn't ask for advice with a clean conscience without re-upping for another year - done! :thumbsup:)
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I got one like this with a couple jackstands in a package deal for about $130can. I like the low height of the lifting end when at its lowest position..... leaves a bit to be desired in total height but we're not working on 1 ton trucks here....
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