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noob questions about oil pressure and brakes.. please help!!

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so i bought a 97 cadillac deville, with 110k on the northstar, for my father a couple of days ago, and everything was fine up until the time i was almost home.. the oil light kept flickering at idle and at one point it started telling me to stop the engine cause it had low oil pressure.. i pulled over and checked the dipstick and there was plenty of oil in there..
i did a search on here and came up with the conclusion that it might be the oil pressure switch, and i know its somewhere near the oil filter but i dont know where exactly this is.. i was wondering if someone could tell me in detail or post a pic of where it exactly is and how i go about replacing this item..
one more thing, the brakes were vibrating every time i would try to stop.. i concluded that the rotors must be warped, so i replaced them and new pads in the front, but it still does it.. i asked a friend and he told me the caliper bolts had to be torqued down to a certain amount.. if someone could tell me if this is what has to be done and if so what the exact amount is i would really appreciate it.. thank you all in advance..
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The oil pressure switch is mounted on the oil filter adapter.

Your brake vibration is more likely from uneven brake pad deposits rather than "warped" rotors. Since the fronts are already replaced. Check the rears. They probably just need a light skim cut to clean them up.
I think removing the oil filter will make it easier to get at the switch. Not sure if it is mandatory or not. Never had to do it.

Rear pads will have to be inspected. If they are good and the rotor is not corroded as mine was, then I would think a light skim cut just to clean and true them would solve the pulsation.
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