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Non-Bose CD radios?

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OK, this is peripherally related to the Fleetwoods; here goes.

My dad and I have a 1984 Corvette with the Bose sound system. Both front speakers are completely dead and one rear is wonky, the fourth is not exactly in its prime anymore either. My dad wants to go with an aftermarket 3rd party system as replacing just the two bad Bose speaker/amps costs as much as a new stereo system. I hate aftermarket radios in classic cars and want to keep it stock-looking (it already has an early-90s Camaro Bose system in it that looks pretty stock as the original unit was loopy) and my dad wants to avoid Bose, so are there any radios of this form factor that are not bose? (form factor is the rectangular, two-knobs-on-left size that is in pretty much all the Fleetwoods from the early 90s on, possibly even earlier).

Assuming I do find such a non-bose at the scrappers, do they have amps anywhere like the Bose ones do, that I will have to pull, or are they just head units and speakers?

thanks a bunch!
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YES! You can even do what I did and grab a CD player out of an early to mid 90s Chevy Van... This format was used from about 1983 on few models up until 1998 or 1999 in chevy pickups and some vans. You can check on ebay, or hit a junk yard. Try to find one out of a mid 80s chevy with a cassette player to have the correct illumination... If the current one lights up red or orange, grab a pontiac radio. ALL GMs used this radio at some point. Just be aware that you'll need a harness adapter if you remove the radio from a GM that is 1988 or newer. Pre 88 radios will plug right in and look 100% stock. You'll need to run new wires and install new speakers though, the bose will have to go if you do this.
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I sincerely doubt that there was CD in 87; but there's already a harness adapter for the Camaro one, and I've built harness adapters before (My Toyota MR2 has the neat Cellica Supra radio that wasn't available in it). The lights are green, the original radio had orange LEDs for the clock but the current one is the classic GM blue-green color that looks just fine with the rest of the green illumination in that car. I know the Bose will have to go, that is what we are aiming for; just to put aftermarket speakers behind the grilles or even pull a system wholesale out of another vehicle. Thanks a bunch!
I have a 1995 Eldorado I bought that was hit in the side. It has the Bose system in it and I was thinking of putting it in my Seville. I just don't know what I can change and get away with. The amp by the antenae looks different from mine and I was thinking of just putting in all 4 powered speakers, but I also want to put in the head unit as it has CD and cassette. My stock caddy one only has the cassette.

If I can make this work, I could get rid of the stock system in my 94 Seville if you are interested, or I could sell you the Bose system as it works great. I just am stupid on what I can change on putting the bose stuff in my Seville.

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