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Nokian WR All-Weather better than Blizzak

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Just got back from a reputable, local tire supplier and was told the following:

Blizzak LM22 235/50R17 would be available by the weekend

Nokian WR All-Weather Plus2 225/55R17 were better on ice/snow than the Blizzaks and would also be available for the weekend.

I went in looking for Blizzak WS-50 or Dunlop Winter Sport M3's but was given the above information. Anyone know anything on the Nokian WR's? The all-weather makes me hesitate so I told him to hold off.

Need good traction in ice/snow as well as better acceleration from a stop. I'm also hoping to be able to get up a hill as the stock RSA's didn't cut it with ice and packed down snow.

Thanks for your help.
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