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No Spark

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92 Fleetwood 4.9L. Just replaced engine with used 4.9L engine, original one seized up from head gasket leak and overheating. Install went well, used new Distributor, coil, cap, plugs, etc. Engine turns over fine, sounds like it wants run, but there is no spark. I set TDC on #1 cylinder set rotor to #1 plug, jumped A&B on adl conector etc etc just as the shop manual says to. Only trouble code is e55 tps out of range. Yes there is fuel pressure. Any sugestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Are all the power connections to the distributer hooked up correctly, and making good contact?
I think, if something is wrong in the ignition system in the distributor, you get some error codes. But if the downstream side is bad, you may not get a code. What I can think of is the ignition coil. Check wiring from and to the coil, also check the little button thing that goes between the coil and the rotor.

Good luck.
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