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I'm so hopeful someone knows what this would be... I have lost all sounds in my car. I was listening to a CD and it started cutting out, like the CD was bad so I removed it and turned on XM, it was also cutting out like bad service, so I went to FM radio, same - all were just cutting out. I shut everything off and decided to let my husband check it out. He didn't have time.

The next time I got in the car, I tried to use bluetooth to place calls - like I do every day when in the car, and no sounds. Then I noticed my navigation lady - no sound. Turn signals - No sounds. Door alarms and bells - No Sounds. Turned the radio on and checked each of the above again (xm, fm, cd, dvd) and now there was absolutely no sounds whatsoever from anything - but everything appears correctly on the screen like it's working.

Note -The vehicles battery has been completely drained to dead 2x's in the last 3 months. And each time it acted crazy, after charging the car. The battery is good though, it was just operator error/my fault.

So now it's had no sounds for a week - so again reminded husband to please check into it. He googled, thinks might need something updated at the dealership? He thought there was possibly something due to the battery draining and a process to remove battery and do something and something - but he lost that page and couldn't find it again, he checked fuses, believes they are all ok. So here I am - not that I am doubting my husband, because he's pretty savvy but I can't go without a radio about one day longer!!!!

Anyone? Anyone?? Anyone???
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