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No more Eldo

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Sadly, I am no longer a Cadillac owner. I was rear ended and my Eldo has been completely destroyed. No replacement so far...I haven't decided what to get yet.


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I know what you should get ..........................................Another Caddy or Joing the seville line.
That can be fixed. If ins decides to total it, you might be able to buy it. To be worth your troubles, mileage would have to be in 20k to 30k range. Tons of Eldos out there with front end damage. You could buy one for $3k and engage a good Caddy body guy (moonlighting) to put both together. Labor and paint would likely run you another $4k to 5k.
i dont mean to being posting ad etc OR milking forums but i was just reading the forum i am new to all of this i have a 1996 el do for sell... if you would like to know more u can message me back ...
i'd get that fixed.
it looks in pretty good. is the chassi bent ? it doesn't appear to be from the side panel. if it were me i'd get it fixed.
or get another one.
Sickening. I genuinely feel for you. Hopefully you can find the means to fix or replace.

While our Cadillacs are merely material possessions, a man's attachment to his Cadillac cannot be easily written-off. Many of our Cadillacs were acquired after dedicated saving and laboring tirelessly for years, often just to bring us a little (or great) measure of joy. All the best to you.
WTF hit you, a semi?
Don't bother fixing it -- there's damage everywhere, even the mirrors and the underneath.
That's totaled, no doubt. As far as what you get next... good luck. Cadillac's are nice. I was thinking of test driving the Lincoln MKZ but I don't know about it... it'll be another really common car, just like a honda civic or toyota camry. I like being unique and showing off my car, so I stuck with the 96 STS.
A few details about the accident; I was hit by a knucklehead in a 300C Hemi. He was racing his buddy drunk on a service road and slammed into me doing about 75. I was going about 30. It was estimated at over $12k to repair, and that was just from what the appraiser could see. It may not look it, but a lot was taken out as the other car went underneath. He totaled his car as well.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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