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I know this has been discussed before and it was mentioned in the M5 vs. CTS-V thread, has anyone done a no lift shift in their V? I don't think that anyone had actually done it in the other thread they just said it could be done. I don't have the balls to do it for fear of damage. I know my technique using a lift can use some improvement and a no lift, once I get the concept down, will certainly made my driving better. Has anyone actually done this? Can you confirm that it is an approved technique? Thanks.


I have done the no lift shift on a few occasions. I didn't notice anything spectacular. In fact I thought it kind of 'slowed' me down, not in speed of shift but the feel of the beginning of the next gear felt less 'powerful'. The tires also stayed planted. So I did a couple no lift 1-2 shifts then repeated it with a couple normal fast 1-2 shifts (all with traction control off). I consider myself a relatively good and aggressive shifter. Well, when I did the two normal fast shifts I did get significant tire slippage going into second gear. I personally think with the no lift shift the good old computer plays the torque management game and decreases power momentarily to 'increase driveline longetivity'.
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