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no interier lights please help

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to make a long story short i have no interior lights i ck the fuse and it was blown i put a new fuse in it and it blew right away so basically i have a short some ware but i don't know ware to start if anybody can help me with a wire diagram i would appreciate it.(i have 2000 cadillac sedan deville)also its not all the lights its just the courtesy lights
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thank u i'll ck the door umbilical cords,i cant get that stuff right now kind of broke till friday. IM thinking it might be a bulb because i seen this once on a customers car at work but i don't know i just found this problem last night so i haven't dug my nose around yet i'll keep u updated.
i don't know if any ones done a thing to it i just brought it yesterday but i ck the umbilical cords don't see anything wrong with them also i shut all the doors and put a new fuse and it still poped + i pulled all the cigeret lighters still samething wondering if it might be one of the fixtures what do u think?
i just got done cking all bulbs and fixtures no problems there none look corroded or shorted i talked to my sales men he said they replaced the window regulater in the rear right door think maybe he pinched a wire or something its worth a look i'll keep u updated.
yesterday i found my problem i pulled and unplugged all my fixtures and installed the fuse it didn't blow then i installed the fixtures 1 by 1 found when i installed the left rear door fixture it popped the fuse i then removed the light bulb because it was black in the middle and reinstalled the fixture it didn't blow the fuse.i put in a new bulb and my problem is gone it was a blown light bulb! thanks for everybody's help:highfive:
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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