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no interier lights please help

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to make a long story short i have no interior lights i ck the fuse and it was blown i put a new fuse in it and it blew right away so basically i have a short some ware but i don't know ware to start if anybody can help me with a wire diagram i would appreciate it.(i have 2000 cadillac sedan deville)also its not all the lights its just the courtesy lights
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i would check all the lighting housing may be the contacts are touching causing the fuse to blow. idk if your caddy is wired like this but sometimes the cig lighter is wired to the interior lights and sometimes stuff like pennies or dimes get in there and blows the fuse. a dime got into mine and blew the radio fuse and pissed me off thought the wiring was bad but its doesnt hurt to check
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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