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no interier lights please help

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to make a long story short i have no interior lights i ck the fuse and it was blown i put a new fuse in it and it blew right away so basically i have a short some ware but i don't know ware to start if anybody can help me with a wire diagram i would appreciate it.(i have 2000 cadillac sedan deville)also its not all the lights its just the courtesy lights
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Good chance that one or more of the wires in the door umbilical cords is broken/shorted.

The wiring diagrams for this system are quite involved, so your best bet is to either wait until someone with the exact problem chimes in, or subscribe your car for 1 or 3 years to Alldata is a huge database of everything you could possibly ever want to know about your car, or get a Helm/GM Factory Service Manual off of eBay......forget Chilton's or Haynes: far too generic.

Check out the feed and distribution circuits just before and after the courtesy light fuse (relay ???) in the fuse boxes - your owner's manual will have the names and numbers for the fuses.
A bulb doesn't blow fuses......the fuses in the circuit are rated to drive all the bulbs on that circuit to full voltage and amperage, BUT you won't hurt a thing, and KNOW it isn't a bulb if you (PITA) pull each courtesy bulb and check it for function. (Has anyone recently changed a bulb or had a socket out for any reason ??)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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