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On my 4th Eldorado - 2002 Commemorative Ed.
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I'm at the end of my rope here... my husband is a mechanic, though on heavy duty trucks/diesels etc.

So he got me some hi powered LED headlights back in October. Pretty soon headlights were failing to work... assumed it was a relay bc if I jumped outta car and lifted up relay box about 1/8" with my hand, they'd pop right back on and away I went.

This got to be a pain, so he strapped relay box into unmoveable position. Worked for a month or so... turned out pulling back on the High beams/wiper switch (HINT HINT) sometimes got lights to come on. Sometimes I just took off in dark and a mile or so down road they'd pop on. (I work at 11PM.)

So then finally last night he and mechanic buddy "FIX" it for good... by changing headlights back to OEM. YAY!! Well a couple hours later I go to work and WIPERS DON'T WORK AT ALL.

Is this connected? Who knows...I pulled the 30 fuse to check, made sure it was okay and clean bc I don't know anything else to try... What do you know, now the HEADLIGHTs DON'T WORK, OR the WIPERS!!! DH yelling at me "What did you do to it?!?!" Nothing that would matter, right??

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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