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After a few long trips the last couple of weekends, the Traction Control light came on for my 98 SLS. The light come off ad on irregularly, but I was concerned so I pulled the codes:

ABS C1295

So I did some research in the forum and read a thread indicating it might have something to do with the brake lights. So I headed out and had the girlfriend step on the brake pedal, and sure enough, no brake lights (except for the third strip light on the trunk), and the TC light wasn't even on. What is the meaning of this? Is this a problem I can fix? It seems dangerous!

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Fix the bulbs and the code should go away.
The EBCM is watching the "voltage drop" on the brake lamp circuit.
If the bulbs aren't working it senses a failure, and sets the code.
Once the bulbs are working again the diagnostic will run and pass.

The brake lights not working is not a symptom... it is the cause.
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