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no air.code AC 1315 current

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hi everyone.i left work today in my beloved 96 deville today and i turned on the ac and all i got out of it is service ac system compressor off.i just serviced it a few months back with a new condensor vacuumed the system out and gassed her up.i checked my codes after i got the message and it was an AC1315.i was wondering what that code meant.hope its not a compressor or anything.thanks in advance for your advice.600 miles away from 200,000 and i hope theres not much wrong.
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AC1315 is a shorted evaporator inlet sensor. Check sensor AND associated wiring for short.
thanks for your reply.will that sensor cause insufficient cooling before it goes out?the reason i ask is every since i did the ac service the air didnt seem to get as cold as it did before i replaced the condensor.of course its been really hot here since i got my ac running and another thought the R134A isnt as good as the R12 in my opinion.just wondering if that sensor could have anything to do with that?thanks.
well i checked the wiring going to the sensor and all seems fine.i cleared the code jumped the connection off and the compressor still want kick on.i think i had read somewhere that you can do that but i cant be positive.i try to turn the ac on and it just reverts back to economy.what else could be wrong to make it throw this code?the code is still current.its driving me crazy.thank you in advance for your replys.:thepan:
My guess is that the sensor is bad. You will have to evacuate the system to replace the sensor.
My guess is that the sensor is bad. You will have to evacuate the system to replace the sensor.[/q

i hate to hear about evacuating the system out again since i dont have anything to save the freon.if i had a machine that sucked out the freon it wouldnt be that bad since the freon in it is new.i bought this gadget from harbor freight that vacs out the system but nothing else.oh well i guess its just one of those things.thanks for your input ranger.your the man.
Wait a minute. Harbor Freight? That is not one of those compressed air operated vacuum pumps is it? Those will never pull enough vacuum. You'd burn up you compressor trying. About the only choice you have is to have an A/C shop recover the freon and then have them recharge it after you R & R the sensor. They would charge for labor, but not freon.
that is what it is.hooks up to an air compressor.was trying to save a dollar.i have had people to tell me that they never vac out the system after a compressor replacement or similar but thats them.i want it done right and when i bought that deal i thought it was enough to suck the air out.had a chance to buy a recycling machine at a paducah ky flea market for 50.00 but had no way to get it home.the truck was already loaded down and i was low on money too.should have went ahead and bought it anyway.didnt think i would ever use it.didnt want to listen to fiancee gripe about a new toy if i knew i was going to need it.
Did you replace the orifice tube?
If so you might have put it in backwards and broken the sensor.
I have seen it before.
The short end of the orifice tube must go in first on that car.

Getting the air out is very important for long term efficient operation of the A/C system, a little air will degrade the performance and allow moisture to remain.
I would advise to have someone pull the vacuum and charge it next time you fix it, but you can only do what you can do.
hi there.i just replaced the condensor in front.didnt do anything to the accumulator or anything in that was good for a few weeks and when i left work one afternoon turned the ac on and all i got was service ac system ac compressor off message and i run the codes and it come up with the ac 1315 current.i had read somewhere you can bypass that sensor just to check and see if the compressor comes on.i found another article that was talking about a bad cooling fan relay making it throw that code.wish i had saved the articles in my favorites.i was going to check at pepboys and see how much they charge to pull vacuum on the system and going ahead and replacing the sensor,orifice tube.i want it done right.your right about a little air in the system degrading the performance.i was working on my sisters ac when i was a teenager and just put it back together didnt know anything about evacuating the system didnt know you had to at that time and it never got as cold as it once was.
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You cannot bypass that sensor. On older cars you could bypass the low pressure switch to cycle the compressor, but the temperature sensors are thermistors. Shorting the terminals will just set a code because the computer knows it shouldn't see that circuit shorted.
If you clear the code does it come right back?
You probably have a bad sensor if it does, and just like Ranger said, you'll have to evacuate the system to replace it.
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the code comes back when i turn the ac on.i have no doubt about anything anyone is telling me guys know more about these caddies than i do.its starting to make more since about the sensors now too.shows you how much i know.i was pretty good on the older caddies but just learning on these newer.would take it to the dealer to evac the system but the reason i decided on pep boys is because its close to work,besides the cadillac service department around here sucks.

:worship:eek:h hail king caddie
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