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No acceleration on left and right turns

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Fuel Tank baffles busted

Ok. I know I have one bad ball joint but i dont think that would be responsible for both left and right turns. When making a 90 degree turn or more the 91 deville stumbles as though the wheels are not turing in unison. I have not had the vehicle balanced rotated or aligned (due to failing ball joint) in quite some time. Runs great otherwise except there in some chop when driving straight. Please help. I'm out of work (and money) so I can't really take it in to the shop.
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Do they make a replacement fuel tank that has this problem remedied? i would not mind putting in a tank whnever my fuel pump goes to aleviate this problem on mine, i gotta watch out, cause even with 4-5 gallons if im on one of those clover leaf on ramps, and im agressively getting on like going 35-45, and try to accelerate out, it starves. lol
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