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Wondering if I could get some advice on this or maybe get GM to assist. I'm posting for my first time, I just bought my car (a certified pre-owned 2010 CTS-V) and this has had to have been the most nightmare car purchase I've ever made.

I saw the car online and drove from Alabama on 4/18/15 to take a look at it/maybe purchase the vehicle. I stood on the lot for about an hour looking at it with a couple of friends. Nobody would speak to us. I literally had to go into the dealership and ask for someone to help.

I noticed that the previous owner had ripped off the CTS and V badges on the car, which made me a little worried. On top of that the car reeked of smoke. I tried to stay positive.. it's a freaking CTS-V after all. I figured I could just deal and ask for them to give me the badges. It was still under warranty and figured any issues could be fixed at my local dealer, but my confidence was shaken a bit.

We discussed and came to a deal. The dealer promised to mail me the badges, they couldn't get the smoke out on a Saturday and showed me that the shocks and supercharger had been replaced. I figured ok.. so maybe this wasn't such a bad car after all. They promised everything would get taken care of, I'd get my info on the XM trial and Onstar trial that comes with a certified preowned purchase that following Monday, etc. I purchased it and started driving it home.

First thing I noticed, the windshield washers didn't work. Probably the pump. Then I tried to use phone and navigation. You can't HEAR the conversation at all. It comes in loud and clear on the 2010 and 2011 V's that my friends owned.. but I figured that may be a Onstar update issue.

It went downhill from there. First I try to call and email the sales manager & sales guy I worked with. No responses. It took three weeks of calling, emailing, etc in attempts to just get XM and Onstar trials. Finally I just called Onstar and started going that route. It took three or four calls, but they honored it that route. I updated the bluetooth software per some of the posts in this forum, and it didn't rectify anything. Tried a friend's older Droid phone (I have a Moto X), same thing. Synced my phone with HIS car, works perfectly fine (I can hear a conversation clearly).

So I fought some more on the XM thing. On top of that, in Alabama you have 20 days to register a vehicle after sale. The sales manager had told me at about week 2 or three "hey, need you to sign a form and mail me a check because we miscalculated the taxes." I figured that sounded legit, and did so to the tune of $350 dollars. I provided the courthouse address for them to mail the tax check and sale/title paperwork. Then silence for another week.

At the three week mark I keep calling and asking what's going on with daily checks in to the dealership, I had been put in touch with the title clerk at the dealership. She's the only one I can get ahold of, I voice my concerns and she gets the dealership manager to call me. We play a couple rounds of phone tag, he gets the XM situation rectified, but still waiting on the V badges and CTS badge.

Now on 5/14, after daily check ins with both my local DMV and the dealership, they FINALLY receive a check and paperwork. I show up to register my vehicle. It's about an hour round trip from the military base I work on to pick up the car and take it to the courthouse, another hour and a half/two hours dealing with the DMV. They refuse to issue registration and tag because the dealership "overpaid" (miscalculated) the taxes at the point of sale over $350. Since they can only issue a refund of $100 or less, they must now mail the check & paperwork BACK to the dealership. Then the dealership must correct, and obviously owes me money (on top of everything else) plus I'm out a LOT of sanity, personal time off chasing boondoggles, frustration, etc. I literally can't LEGALLY drive my vehicle (and don't want to risk it on a military base at heightened security conditions) because my temp tag is expired, I'll have to pay a fine at my DMV for them dragging my feet, etc.

What do I do. I feel screwed around with, like this is some game. This is my first GM purchase and I'm ready to drag this thing back to their lot and take the hit to my credit score. I know this is one dealership, but it shouldn't be THIS hard to get a single inch out of a dealership. This "dream car" has turned into a giant PitA and I REGRET not making a 200 mile drive to buy one elsewhere. I feel like I should be compensated for all this crap somehow, but I welcome any advice on what to do to just get this made RIGHT.

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You'll get a lot more sympathy if you post in the CTS-V forum . . .

Anytime you have to drive long distance to a dealership for a possible sale, they've already got you at a disadvantage the moment you walk in. You've obviously figured that out by now.

I'd have a legal beagle on the base draft and send a registered letter to the dealership owner (not manager) and demand gratification, especially on the overpaid tax and any mechanical defects --if you have their promises to deal with your issues in writing. If not, you're screwed, --especially if the warranty period is expired. Issues you discovered after taking possession and driving home will be on your dime (again, if the warranty has lapsed.)

Whenever buying a used vehicle, it's a good idea to create a checklist of every feature from online owner's manuals, and test everything before handing over a check. Once they cash it, you're a memory.

As far as your credit score, it's not worth damaging it over this.

Caveat Emptor,

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