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Next Caddy CTSv To Nudge 500 HP

While the new, 400-hp Cadillac CTSv sedan is still a half-year away from market, the resurgent General Motors division is already aiming its sights even higher as part of a planned mid-cycle update. The '04 CTSv will debut with the 5.7-liter LS6 under the hood, a version of the big V-8 currently powering the Chevrolet Corvette. In 2006, several sources tell, an upgraded LS6 will grow to 6.0-liters displacement. And as for horsepower? "We haven't determined where that would take us yet," said one well-placed source. But Caddy knows where it needs to go if it sticks with plans to make the CTSv a credible contender to the likes of BMW's vaunted M models and the likes of Mercedes' AMG lineup. Where 400 ponies was long an industry target, 500 hp is the new benchmark. Well-placed sources expect a limited-edition version of the next Corvette, dubbed C6, to nudge past that magic number, and the CTSv is likely to follow close behind. For '06, both the base CTS and the V-Series version will get new, more lavish interiors. And Cadillac will add its computer-controlled MagneRide suspension, at least on the CTSv. Like all perform plans, insiders caution, future fuel-economy regulations could lead to a change in plans. -Paul A. Eisenstein - TCC's Daily Edition: May 23, 2003
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