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newbie with questions

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hi i'm new here. i'm in the market right now for a 99-01 escalade.the thing is i want to know exactly what goes wrong with this model escalade ? how many miles is too much? because with it being a cadillac i know its going to be expensive to i would like to know what i'm gettin into before i purchase one. thanks
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any help.only thing i've heard o far i the fuel pump
Welcome to the Forum. I never had a 99-01, but with the trucks it's pretty common for the fuel pump to go after that many years. I am sure some owner will answer your questions, gets slow in the summer with people on vacation. :)
I have a 99. These models run like tanks. The only thing I have had to replace was early on the ac had a leak. When It got up in the higher (over 100k) I had to replace some front end wear and tear parts. Idler arm and Pittman arm. I wont be getting rid of it anytime soon.
Main thing with these trucks, especially the older ones with higher mileage is gonna be your driveline type issues. Check the Transfer case, front and rear differentials, and especially the transmission thoroughly. These are the most common trouble points.

Also, there is not an 01 model Escalade. They skipped over the 01 model year and then introduced the 02 redesign in early 2001. The Yukon Denali did have a 2001 model in the GMT800 body.
thanks for the info i'ma keep all this in mind while i'm on the search for one
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