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Hi Folks

New member here. Just bought the ESV 2 weeks ago: ( first Cadillac ever)white diamond with shale, 2nd row bench, chrome wheels, Plat Ed chrome grill.

I saw a twin the other day that had some mods. His side view mirrors were completely body color. he had a hood shield and vent visors in body color also...looked very nice.

Is there something sold that will cover the tow hooks or if they are removed that will fit in the holes.

Also, this shale interior is really hard to match. All the aftermarket rubber/poly mats I've seen in "tan" look awful. Anyone find any that nearly matches.

GM sells some bad weather ones but they don't really go up the sides at all and I don't think would contain a lot of water.

Also looking for a cargo tray with the 3rd seat removed.

I am finding that the shale leather is so light that it's already showing some soil.....considering sheepskins.

Happy to be here

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