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Newbie VSS issues

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I have searched the forum, watched various YouTube videos and I cant seem to find anything replicating my issue. I am getting code P0503 for the VSS, but not the random speed display on the dash , the "battery not charging" displays at start up (goes away driving) and the air bag light has stayed on once at idle then went off. I attempted to charge the battery myself (it was already fully charged), ordered a new oem VSS, and debating a voltage regulator (headlights pulsate faintly at idle) I don't want to start chasing electrical ghosts if someone has a better idea. car is a 99 Deville base w/118k mi. that was sitting for 6mos, previous owner couldn't get it to pass smog. she was 95yo and running regular unleaded... I got a good puff or two of carbon out the tailpipes when I pushed it hard uphill, floored, with super unleaded. any thoughts??


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Sharp rise, love the rims. I was thinking of getting those (brushed or polished) on my 92 but I'd wait for when I need new tires too (16 vs 15 inch rim)

Have you had the alternator tested?? Any auto parts store can run the test with a portable machine. Maybe call ahead to make sure they have one. Have the battery tested too, and run the tests a few times.


Not too sure about the vss issue..
its showing 13.6v on avg goes as high as 14.4v and as low as 11.1v (according to the dash display) hence my concern for the voltage regulator
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