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Newbie needs help buying used Seville or Eldorado

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I have been wanting to buy an STS, SLS or Eldorado for some time. What years seem to be the most problematic? I am not too concerned with the little things. More of
things like oil leaks, Head Gaskets etc. Please help!
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Thanks for the replies! What is interesting is I found a 1999 STS and an Eldorado with under 90k miles. Yesterday, prior to posting this, I did a google search and saw several reliability surveys and the 1999 faired WAY better than a 2002 (for example) according to MSN and a couple others. Based on previous research on this site, seems like I was getting conflicting information. So, sorry for the duplication.
You might want to go to Engines, Northstar Performance and read through the sticky post at the top of the threads forum - the informal survey on head gasket failures by model year. 1998 and 1999 are (non-scientifically) the worst years for problems in that department.... and for the non-mechanic that's a $3,000 - $5,500 repair.
Yeah and that is why I thought that info was interesting. 44 reviews and a 8.9 rating on the 1999! Here is the link:

I have a friend that works at Cadillac. He also said 96-02 were the most problematic. Of course, the problem is if you want an Eldorado, you are pretty much out of luck, unless you go for a pre-96 based on what he said. The 1999 I am looking at is a pearl white base model (not esc or etc) with 75k miles. According
to the seller/dealer, he just drove it to Miami and back this week with no issues. No leaks, everything 100%.


A 99 Sts is more reliable than a 02 Sts? Well, statistically it will have 3 more years of avg miles so add 40k miles. But you are buying both cars today. I would put my money on a 02-03 Sts being in better shape.
Luckily, this is snowbird country! There are alot of low mileage Caddies around here! In fact, I talked to someone yesterday who had a garage kept 96 Concourse wih 51k! Problem is, it's got oil and coolant leaks..... Like I said, the 99 Eldorado, 75k miles and the 99 STS (nice, its black on black) has 90k.
I did find a 2002 SLS, but it has 125k on it. It's priced at $5,000. Seems a little steep.
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