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newb mileage question

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hey im new to this forum, my wife just got a 2010 cts-v and we really like the car alot except for the mileage. i know, i know before anyone says it, we knew it was going to be bad before we got it but i was just wondering, are there some things that can be done to these things to get a little better mileage out of them? thanks for any help.
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Not sure what you are getting now...but if it is still new, give it some time and mileage and drive normal. The system will adapt to your driving habits as it breaks in. My mileage is 15 around town and 19 highway. I only run it hard at times though. Also leaving the auto in touring mode will keep the rpm's down. I personally drive in sport mode all the time because I don't like the way the transmission shifts in touring.
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