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New XLR Owner

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Hi everyone. New XLR 05 owner. New here also. Lots to read. Going to have to figure out the navi system can't get it to read the disk. Probably doing something wrong. Later. G
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Hello and :welcome5: Congrats on the new XLR!
Hot damn, IBG!

Welcome to the forum. RT says I look good in an XLR-v, so I'm guessing it'll have the same effect on you. Congrats!
How D and :welcome: to the Cadillac forum.
Congratulations, the XLR is a great car. I'd love to see some pics when you get time. :welcome:
OK Rolex, I'll try to take some today. I took it out last night to sonic. There was three rag tops there. A woman came over to my car and ask if it was a convertible, her husband said it wasn't. So I put the top down. I was embarrassed :eek:
No need to be embarrassed!!! After all, YOU'RE the one in the XLR. :drool:
Oh and btw, if you haven't figured out the navi system problem, you might post over on the XLR board...
Welcome to the forums
RightTurn storms the thread :D
OK, I'll try to post a picture or two. Don't know if I can do this but will give it a try. I just love this car! I think the Eldo is mad! I'll put some 91 octane in her and take her for an afternoon drive. She'll be ok.


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Yes sir, I bet you smile everytime you look at it.
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