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:bouncy: Hi everyone, I am from WV, and have owned Cadillacs for a long time. Now we own a 1996 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, and really love it. :thumbsup:
:D We have owned from a 1972 Cadillac that was our first since we were married, the DH had an older one, I think a 1955, Ohh what a car that was!
Now with this latest one we are having a bit of a problem with it and I have been on other groups and they have sent me here to find out if someone else has this problem and if I may get some kind of an answer about it. :yup:
This '96 Caddy has a small problem with the transmission or the torque converter.
The garage that checked it out said that the Torque Converter Switch is stuck OFF.:crying:
I am wondering if it will hurt the car to continue to run it and what it will do to it? :bomb:
I have also been told by a dealer that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." :confused:
Now do any or you have any answers about this car, and what I may do to make it get well?:D
I just received a "recall notice" about the Fuel line Rail whatever that is. So any info would be a big help to both of us.
I am almost afraid to drive it and have been letting it sit in the garage and driving the truck, but the truck being a Dually is kind of hard to park in most lots, and it is a four door dually to boot, so it is Loooooooong too.
Thanks to all who may send any info my way.
I would really like to keep the car for a while longer. If we can get it repaired for a reasonable sum.
I do like the Cadillacs and this one is the best one so far, of about 5 or six that we have owned over the years.
I am getting about 21.5 MPG right now, and folks who have heard about the Torque converter switch tell me I may be sacrificing mileage, by not getting the car fixed.
Well, now a days, 21.5 MPG is pretty good, compared to the truck which is a 454 engine, it gets on a good day, 10 MPG. '
Can anyone give me some advice about my car?:thumbsup:
Thanks, WVBonBonQueen
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