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New Wheels

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So, I picked these up for a good price. Im interested in performance more than looks. I like the looks however. Had factory 17s. Upgraded to staggered 18s. Going to have to get meatier tires however. Any recommendations on tire setups?
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Sidewall is a must. Im running 255/35/18 rear 225/40/18 front. I have been eyeballing some 245/50/18 all around. The rims are style 71 chromadora rims. Two piece setup, 18/8 front 18/8.5 rear. I have hub rings coming. Far as my suspension, im going to upgrade from stock only cause I have FE1 suspension. Just some nice bilsteins, slotted rortors maybe, I want the brakes a little more "grabby".
Im more of a "How fast can I take this corner kinda performance oriented type. 0-60 is great but it doesnt do these cars justice. They were designed in Germany on the worlds go to test track. This is a driving A** car, if you can drive.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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