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Your last sentence is all I was trying to say. The engine's broad powerband is only due to another "high-tech" feature, variable valve timing. Something the Chrysler does without.
As for the 300M being a dog, I had mine right when they came out and I loved it. It COULD have been more powerful but it was certainly no DOG. I think the next generation 300 "N" will prove to be a worthy opponent with it's new chassis and a Hemi V8. DC is actually coming out with some pretty hot cars these days. Hell, the Neon SRT-4 will SMOKE a CTS and a lot of other much more expensive cars. There is definately a HP and 0-60 war going on and it shows little signs of slowing.
While the "new" V6 will bring some much needed extra punch to the entry level CTS, I too think that since it is a Cadillac, it should not need it. It should ALREADY be a leader.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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