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New User Checkin in!

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:) Hey guys, I'm new to the forums and just wanted to check-in and say hello. I currently own an 2001 A33 VQ30DE-K (Nissan Maxima) that's pretty heavily modded. I almost have her paid off, and as soon as that as done and I buy my first house i'm going to be looking to get another car (next 9-12months) I've always liked and very much respected the CTS-V, and so it's on my list of cars that i'm looking to buy in the above mentioned time period (that list also include the 06 GTO, SRT-8, & 04-06 G35 coupe). I hope to be able to gain some knowledge and insight from this community not only on this car, but the positives, negtives, likes, mods available, dislikes, and comparatives to the other cars that I mentioned.

Thanks again guys!
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:welcome: to the forums. Be sure to check in at the CTS V forums too! :wave:
:welcome5: to the forum. Be sure to check out the V board.
Welcome!! Good luck on your car search!
new to the forum. just got a 2004 deville w/40,000.
Welcome. You have any pics of your Maxima? Im seriously considering buying a 95-03 5 speed Maxima as a second car.
Welcome ;)
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