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New torque converter flush procedure released.

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GM has released a new bulletin to address the torque converter shudders, bulletin TSB 18-NA-355. Dealers will perform an updated flush procedure with a new Mobil 1 Synthetic LV ATF HP. Dealers in priority states should receive the updated tool kit and fluid late January- February. Friend of mine in a different state said GM told them March.
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If anyone can tell me how to post a pdf I will post it.
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We get 20 qts of the new ATF flushed in and out of the system in steps. The CT6 gets 24 qts. The steps for the flush are slightly different from the ATS to the ATS-V but the ATF is the same.

The text is 30 page long so I won't copy and paste it here.
I might start bringing my own Mobil 1 motor oil as well - clearly the Dexos transmission fluid sucked so why would I trust it for my engine? Mobil 1 all the way!
I can't imagine that the dealer doesn't have Mobil One in bulk. They need it for the CTS-V.
The GM part nos may be different but the Mobil One numbers are the same. The only tell is the blue background of the new formulation vs the black of the old.
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