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Hi, I came across your group when I was looking for answers to a question about my 2012 CTS. Considering that I'm talking to people who have/had/want a Cadillac, I should get some honest answers.

I'm not sure if this is the location to post my problem, but I suppose someone will let me know in short order if it's not.

I must say, we fell in love with the newer exterior and additional options on our 2012 Cadillac CTS sedan. It was quite a change from our old 2007 CTS.

Unfortunately, we've kind of been getting the "bum's rush" from 2 dealerships - and now GM. Why, you might ask? Well, when driving along at highway speeds, the cabin noise is quite loud, in relation to what we were used to in the 07.

Over the course of 5 (yes, FIVE), visits to 2 dealerships, we've had the gasket around the sunroof replaced, then reseated, then test driven to ensure that the noise we weren't accustomed to hearing in our 07 were in fact "normal" for the 2012.

Now, we're sitting with paperwork from the 2nd dealership saying that they'd adjusted the glass panels on the sunroof, so we should notice a bit of noise reduction AND due to our climate, frost on the inside seams of the glass panels (and nowhere else) is normal. Additionally, it specifically states on that same paperwork that we're to bring the vehicle back when the weather is better so they can test drive it.

Now, what I'm particularly miffed about is GM's response to the problem. I compared notes with the rep I'd been speaking to and there appeared to be a big difference in their records and ours.

It seems that the Service Manager emailed the rep to tell her there were was nothing wrong with the sunroof and the additional cabin noise and frost along the glass seams was also normal. Therefore, because we'd had a second opinion, she was going to take the dealerships word over ours. This would probably account for the new tone of voice I picked up when speaking to the rep.

I offered to fax the GM rep a copy of the paperwork from the dealership (where they'd marked time to adjust the sunroof and asked us to bring the car back when the weather was better), but she said she'd have access to this info as well. It's been about a week now - and so far, we've not heard anything.

In the meantime, we're having to book another appointment with this same dealership because the headliner around the sunroof (where they allegedly didn't have to do anything) has dark spots around it the plastic frame is scuffed.

My question to anyone out there with a double sunroof is: Are you supposed to hear all the noises on the road and is it really normal to have frost/ice crystals accumulate along the inside seams of the glass panels?:hmm:

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Hi Welcome to the site..
I own a 2011 CTS Premium sedan with the Ultra view sunroof "double sunroof" and mine is pretty quiet even during this winter so far..
But keep in mind I warm my car up twice 2 x 10 minute cycles with the remote start before I clear off the remaining frost or ice and drive off..

You have to take into consideration during cold weather all of the plastic and rubber materials on the car shrinks and hardens so that shrinkage leaves more of a gap between stuff and then you add the cold making the material harder. Cars interiors and body parts tend to get noisier because of more movement and the now harder materials have a greater tendency to make noise..

And don't forget with water where it gathers and freezes it expands.

My advice is try warming the car up real good to soften the interior parts and sunroof weather stripping that is exposed in the interior of the car.
And see if it gets quieter when you drive it..

It snowed here saturday night so I went out and cleaned the ice and snow off of my car today so that I would be a head tomorrow morning going to work.
I usually just wipe snow off and let the defrosters do their work with the windows before I remove any ice so I do not damage or scratch anything.
2 x 10 minute warm up cycles today didnt even melt the ice that formed around and on my sunroof weather seals so I left them a lone to prevent any damage. But the glass always melts so that I can clear it off..
I am hoping the sun will melt it tomorrow while parked when I am at work

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I'm going to slide this into Cadillac Customer Service for a while to see what happens - apparently your car is still well within warranty.

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Thanks, Submariner!

Swallow123, have you interacted with our Cadillac Customer Assistance Center yet during your frustrations? If you don't mind sending me an email with the last eight of your VIN, I would be happy to investigate further on my end of things.


Cadillac Customer Service
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