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Hi, my name is Andrea Piazza, i'm from Italy and I live in Florida studying as an Aerospace student. First of all big compliments for the wonderful website that helped me soo much working on my car and also for the great entertainment and the people on this forum. I always worked on cars and motorcycles, mostly the second one's but know I'm going to attack the world of the 4 wheels.
About Cadillac now; my brother gave me his old car, a 2000 seville STS. Wonderful car but with some issues being 11 years old and with 90k miles. The car has 22 inch Crome rims, which give it a quite particular style, still not sure if i hate it or love it. Anyway after fixing up some issues with the oxygen sensors I found out really weird thing with the car.
1. The car has only 1 spacer on the driver side rim, shouldn't it have 4 for all the wheels?
2. The suspensions seem to have a bolt in between the coil to keep the car raised for the wheels not to rub, I've looked around the forum and everyone states that the car doesn't rub with 22", what you guys think, should i just remove them?
3. I get an average of 14 MPG, is that normal? i used a Lucasoil cleaner that improved greatly throttle response but its still using a lot of gas? seafoam maybe?

Sorry for the long post, thank you very much for any advise, i will post some pictures of the suspension if you guys need

Many thanks for any help,

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if you put the right tires on, 22's will not rub. That bolt needs to go. If it needs a spacer on the right side, it will need one on the left. if the left is fine without it, take the one on the right off as well.

o and welcome to the forums

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I get an average of 14 MPG, is that normal? i used a Lucasoil cleaner that improved greatly throttle response but its still using a lot of gas? seafoam maybe?
Keep the snake oil out of the engine. Clean the TB and check for a leaky FPR. See the Tech Tips section if you need help.

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Welcome Andrea

the 22s should not rub like above said if the right size low profile tire is on them
if your new to 22s or anything above 18s be carfull no curbing or pot holes youll crack those rims
ok so yeah should not rub if tires are right size
what size do you have on there ?

yeah get ride of the clip holding it up should not be there if the tire size is right
wheel spacers
are they a difrant offset than they should be ?
if so get ride of them put the proper rims on just my apinion
when you say spacers do you mean hub centric rings perhaps
sometimes they are rubber sometimes they are plastic
if so then you should have them on all 4 in my apinion

welcome again and take a look around
youll love it here
also like ranger said don't put anything in the engine other then Oil no aditives needed if you want to use a Synthetic oil then that would be doing the same thing that a snake oil cleaner would do anyways just better
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