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First I just wanted to thank all of you for the great information; I've been searching in the background for *about a month and learned a lot. *I test drove a loaded 13 sedan (auto) today and called my*fleet contract right after. *He found me a loaded thunder gray sedan 6MT for a killer price but before I pull the trigger I wanted to ask a few questions. *I was trying to get in and out of the dealership today as they were crazy priced.

1. * Is it possiable to get the sedan with the two tone seats like in the coupe (I need four doors)...?
2. * Does the trunk easily fit golf clubs?
3. * What's up with the spare tire thing? Looked like a pump instead of a spare!
4. * How do you adjust the ride control from comfort to sport?
5. * Anyone have pics of a blacked out thunder gray sedan or know which member pics too look up?

Lastly, I was unable to drive the MT and wanted to get some feedback about the clutch, drivability, etc... * I prefer MT since I was a bit disappointed in the auto today compared to my C63.
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