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Hey everyone, new to the forum, so please don't bash me just yet for not finding this by searching. I did attempt to search some but could not find what I was looking for. Why are all of the SRXs I see for sale '04s? Yes, I'm looking for one on the cheaper side, but it still doesn't make sense to me. Is there something that change/they fixed after '04? Or did they not make as many? Thanks for all the help in advance!

2007 SRX4 N*, 2004 Infinity G35 Coupe
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Yearly American Cadillac SRX sales
Calendar Year Total U.S sales:

2003 5,049
2004 30,019
2005 22,999
2006 22,043
2007 22,543
2008 16,156
2009 20,237
2010 51,094

These are calendar year sales, not model year sales. Close enough.

It would seem the introductory year of 2004 for the First Generation SRX was the most successful. A lot of 2004s are out there on a relative basis on the used car market with more entering the market as they age. i have neen unable to find V6 versus V8 Northstar breakdowns. But the Ns* are very hard to find on a relative basis. Notice what happened when the Second Generation SRX was introduced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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