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Just thought I'd introduce myself. I got an 04 EXT with 78K miles in great condition 3 weeks ago. It is a salvage but it was pretty minor damage that was repaired and everything works great and is stock. It is ridiculously hard to find an EXT with stock wheels in the bay area. I actually went to Sacramento to find this one. It also has an Alpine navigation unit with rear camera and hooked up to the steering wheel buttons.

There are a few minor things. On the drive home from purchasing the caddy, I had to fill up the gas tank. It took me like 6 times to get the tank 3/4 full from E. It kept clicking off. Anyways, I found the thread to replace the EVAP canister. It was FULL of dust. I'm still not sure if it is fully fixed. I've filled up twice since then and one time it filled just fine. The other time still gave me problems.

There is also a rattle in the driver door area that drives me nuts. It's intermittent depending on the road surface but I'll hopefully eventually find it. Already took the door trim off to try to find it but was unable to narrow it down.

Anyways, this seems to be a nice forum and I have already gained a lot of info on this car.
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